With amazing people who are passionate
about improving the lives of animals
Connecting with your animals to help you
build a more beautiful and harmonious relationship
To guide you to connect more deeply with
Nature and the Animal Kingdom
I'm Janine Opheim
and I'm an Animal Communicator

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. At approximately 11 years old I had an epiphany. We could talk with animals. Nothing in my experience could tell me otherwise. Though it would take me 17 years before I actually began to learn for myself!

In 2016 I qualified as an Animal Communication Practitioner with Wynter Worsthorne of Animaltalk Africa.

There is something so exquisite about connecting with the essence of an animal. Being open to what they want to share is magnificent. Believe it or not, every person has this ability, we just have to remember how!

A few years ago I began to get the urge to interview other animal communicators, because we all have amazing stories to share, and I also wanted to encourage students of animal communication to keep going with their studies and practice. Then I started to become aware of a desire to talk with other people as well. People who are passionate about making life better for animals in their own unique way.

This website includes all the above an more!

What is Animal Communication?

An animal communicator is also known as a pet psychic, an interspecies communicator or meditator and animal interpreter.

There are a couple of ways of communicating with animals, intuitively and telepathically. The difference between intuition and telepathic communication is the way you receive the information whether through pictures in your mind or with a feeling in your body.

Animals don’t chatter like humans. They are constantly in the present moment and only communicate what is necessary. Sometimes animals would like to communicate with their guardians and so can create scenarios where the guardian needs to look for ‘help’. More and more guardians are calling on people who are trained to communicate with animals. It is an harmonious way to resolve problems with your animal friend to the mutual benefit of you both.

The picture you see in the background of this website is 'Aphrodite' by Briton Riviere - painted in 1902