How Can I Help You?

Animal Communication

You can send a photo of your animal friend and I will work remotely. We will then connect via Zoom for me to tell you what they have shared with me. (Approximately 1.5 hours in total – 1 hour for the communication and 30 minutes for the feedback)

N.B A communication session is not intended as a substitute for a veterinary consultation.

£90 $120 USD 1100NOK


I will look at your Astrological chart and see how your animal communication abilities are received and if there is anything that might hinder you on your journey. I can then give you tools and guide you through any challenges.
(Preparation plus 45 minutes together on Zoom)
I can also look at your chart with your animals charts (if you know their birth details) (Preparation plus 45 minutes on Zoom)

£60 $80 USD 700NOK

Full Astrology Chart reading

(Preparation plus 1 - 1.5 hours on Zoom)

£90 $120 USD 1100NOK

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation – One on One (per hour)

£50 $70 USD 600NOK

Yoga and meditation - Group session (per session)

£10 $13 USD 120 NOK

Energy Healing

30 minutes distant healing - done remotely

£30 $40 USD 350NOK

Tellington T-Touch

I can share many tools to help you with your animal friends. I can guide you on Zoom and can give you step by step instructions on various exercises depending on your situation.
First session 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions 1 hour.

£70 $95 USD 850NOK

Mentoring and Coaching

Animal communication

Setting up your own business

If you are needing support and guidance in your animal communication work, or setting up an animal communication, or similar business, let's have a chat and see if I can help you!

£50 per hour
$70 USD per hour 600NOK

How to pay
When you book a session I will send you an invoice via PayPal

Alternatively you can click the PayPal link below and send the money directly
If you'd like to make a donation for At One With Animals - Conversations to Inspire
you can do that either through Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee (links below)

(50% of these donations go to the Global White Lion Protection Trust)