How Astrology Helped My ability
to Communication with Animals

Bringing Astrology and Animal Communication together may seem a bit counter intuitive. One is knowledge/wisdom based the other is heart based. However, you can see everything about you and your life in your astrology chart. It doesn’t mean your life is mapped out, there is huge potential in your chart, not to mention free will, but what we can do is see what that potential is and what, if anything, may get in the way.
If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ story then you’ll know about my absolute Love of animals since I was a child, and that I realised it was possible to communicate with them. I’m so glad my very first experience of receiving information from an animal was clear and unquestionable because I have referred to it countless times over the years. Especially whenever that not so quiet inner voice questions my ability.
While training as an animal communicator I had many challenges to overcome. I often say to the students of Animaltalk Africa that I support, learning animal communication is so much more than simply learning to communicate with animals! There were challenges I could name, for example I had huge self-doubt, I was afraid of the emotion I felt when connecting with some animals overwhelming me and I had very high expectations of myself. 
By the time I started seriously learning Astrology I had already qualified as an Animal Communication Practitioner. I was reasonably confident most of the time and I had become used to the tell-tale signs of true connection with an animal I was communicating with. I knew I was helping the animal and guardian with this work, but I also knew there could be improvement in my ability.
Wynter holds many webinars for students and the general public about all things animal communication. During one webinar she was talking about the different kinds of people who want to be animal communicators and one of those were people who had a neediness towards animals. I recognised that in myself immediately, though was completely ashamed to admit it, even to myself. Neediness is wrong, isn’t it? No, it’s not wrong, it’s just the result of not having enough to fulfil our personal quota of something. And in my case it was approval and the closeness and feeling loved that came from that approval.  
On investigation I recognised it came from receiving disapproval for expressing my inquisitive and emotional nature as a child, so I tried to change myself to receive approval. However, because I was acting I had to constantly check if what I was doing was good and right. The psychologist Carl Jung has a brilliant quote ‘I’d rather be whole than good’. When I did what was expected, I was rewarded with approval and intimacy. Unconsciously though, this didn’t feel right, I shouldn’t have to act like someone I’m not, should I?
The thing about animals is there’s no need for acting, or approval. We intuitively know that animals generally don’t try to change us (well except for cats, but that’s for another day 😉 ), they don’t judge us and they love us as we are. So I looked to animals to reciprocate that love, but it would be a couple of decades before I realised that almost every animal I went near would move away from me… Devastating for me as an animal lover and just made me even more needy. 
But it wasn’t until I was listening to an astrology lesson that it struck me. Although I don’t remember the exact words it was something along the lines of being needy as a child. I had a feeling I had something like this in my chart so I looked and I did. This is obviously not something anyone wants to be, but honestly, that was me and I needed animals. Then it occurred to me, I needed to be able to communicate with animals. I needed to be close to animals. I needed love from animals. My needing to be a good animal communicator was what blocking me.
And then I remembered that fateful day over 3 decades earlier where I realised we could communicate with animals in our minds, I had been trying to get close to the horse, I wanted to feel his love and I wanted to tell him I needed him to love me! Mind blown! And voila, in that instant with the deep realisation, a  layer of neediness was cleared. Realisations can be so powerful that they clear the energy just by becoming aware of them, and this is why I not only love astrology, but why I now know it as a transformative tool and love offering it to others, whether it’s a whole chart reading or looking for something specific like this!