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Clare Roper-Paris

Clare lives in Cornwall, UK and is a modern day wise-woman. We talk about animals, nature, Egyptian and Greek myth, especially the Kore / Demeter / Persephone / Hecate myth, Clare's Celtic inspired art, sacred power centres, grief and MORE! This was a fascinating, generous, heart and soul opening sharing from Clare Roper-Paris and I’m so delighted to be bringing you this conversation.

Melissa Engerman

Melissa lives in Baltimore, Maryland in the USA and is a natural animal communicator in that she was born consciously aware of animals’ emotions and what they wished to share with her. Melissa works at the Maryland SPCA, an animal shelter for dogs and cats in the Baltimore area.

Gaye Mack

Gaye is an Evolutionary Astrologer and a Bach Flower Remedy specialist. In this conversation Gaye talks about her remarkable new book Edward Bach and Your Evolutionary Purpose. She shares some incredible information about her experiences with some of the Bach Flower Remedies and how the combination of Evolutionary Astrology and the Bach Flower Remedies can be life altering!

KJ Dudley

KJ is a phenomenal wildlife photographer who puts animals first! The animals speak through her photos and she is humble and ethical and serves as a messenger for the animals.
KJ shares some of her breath-taking pictures with us and shares some upcoming opportunities to join her on one of her tours.

Yulinda Noortman

Yulinda shares her experiences of growing up during Apartheid times, being an exchange student in Australia, having a life saving operation and a dog called Nala. All of these experiences led her to learn animal communication, beginning the Boston Terrier Action Group and a Whatsapp group that helps animals all over the world!

Wynter Worsthorne

Wynter is the founder of AnimalTalk Africa and has been working as an animal communicator since 2001 and has been teaching for 18 years.

Wynter shares her personal journey from shyness and self-doubt to pioneering influencer in the world of interspecies communication!

Jules Chabeaux

Jules Chabeaux has had some amazing experiences with animals over the last 10 years and in following her path and journey she is now a Wildlife artist with an amazing connection to animals. Join me and Jules as she shares her life and experiences.

Kate Muller

A great conversation between myself, Janine Opheim, and Kate Muller, a South African animal communicator. Join us as we talk about change, the meandering path of life and what it means to find your purpose and also what authentic success looks like. With a very timely cameo, and message, from Maya the cat...

Andrea Contri

Andrea Contri shares what the last 11 years since learning animal communication with Wynter Worsthorne has taught him from speaking with animals and rocks and beyond! A truly fascinating and enjoyable conversation.

Lorraine Turner

Join me as I talk with the amazingly creative and inspirational Lorraine Turner about how meditation changed her life!

Saskia Hoppf

Saskia qualified as an animal communicator with Wynter Worsthorne many years ago and truly has some amazing insights about animals, animal magic and what would help humanity move forward. I hope you enjoy this conversation!

Dr. Gail Lash

Join this fun and informative conversation between Dr. Gail Lash and myself to be inspired by the efforts being made in zoos and animal parks to make life better for animals. Gail is an highly educated and wise person and it was a great honour and a lot of fun to talk with her!

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